As I move from middle age into my senior years, I’m becoming more aware and appreciative of my body parts.  A few years ago, I had a bout with plantar fasciaitis (not confident about that spelling).   PF is a painful soreness in the bottom of the foot.  I sought treatment at the podiatrist, who told me that it seems to last a year to 18 months, whether you treat it or not.  I did ask for treatment, which provided relief, but did not make it go away.  Two years later it was completely gone.

That experience made me realize that there may come a time when I will not be able to walk.  I hope not.  I love to walk.  It is my favorite form of exercise.  I particularly like walking in a variety of different spaces and places.  About a year ago I discovered the trail along Lamar Blvd. between 32nd St. and 29th.    It’s almost feels like a wilderness area because it’s below the street and part of it follows a ledge with a cliff on both sides.



Jim Belisle, my cousin-in-law, writes a blog on this site about the adventures  he and his wife, Diana, my first cousin on my mother’s side, are having in their retirement.  My sister-in-law, Emily, who is married to my brother Reed, shared one of their posts on her Facebook page.  It was a story about a non-profit called Gilda’s House.  In the process of reading the story and “liking” it, I ended up with my own blog.  That’s the internet for you. Jim’s writing inspired me.  I thought, if Jim can do this, maybe I can too.  Thank you Jim.  Thank you Emily.  I’m very grateful to call you family.